About Us

  Our Chef, William Burke.

Our Chef, William Burke.



The Smith Restaurant in Burton, Ohio,  is the vision of the Smith family's 40 years of successful catering experience at Meadow Ridge Events, where food is grilled in a stunning outdoor setting and guests are made to feel that they are part of the family.  We wish to provide a comfortable space in which patrons can enjoy simply prepared smoked items and other comfort food favorites.  The Smiths delight in bringing their brand of hospitality and high quality food to the iconic former Belle's building on the Burton Square.


Raised in a small Northwest Georgia town, William Burke is a chef with a love of his deep Southern roots. At a young age, he remembers getting off the bus at his grandmother's house, where there was almost always something bubbling away on the stove.  This feeling of warmth and welcome is one of the driving forces behind his culinary style, which he lovingly calls, "Hillbilly Haute." When he began his career, the corporate world was his training ground: the procedural application of technique and preparation only fueled his desire to learn more about the lower Appalachia culinary history- the whimsy and delight of simplicity in the cooking.  Over the last decade, William Burke has honed his style to the more traditional techniques of using smoke to cook and cure products.  He has developed a passion for old revivalist cookbooks, provisional culinary history, and a philosophy of "soil up" dining.  He is a loving father, devoted husband, passable chef and reluctant Yankee.