small plates:

fried molasses bacon/bourbon mustard/seasonal pickles
pork rinds/hot sauce
deviled eggs/smoked salt (v)
sweet potato gnocchi/pesto/headwater's tomme cheese (v)
soup of the day (v)



wedge/bacon/bleu cheese/egg/crouton/tomato/buttermilk ranch
bibb/great lakes grower’s bibb/bleu cheese/pecans/pickled onions/basil vinaigrette (v)  
mixed greens/tomato/onions/cheddar/pecans/croutons/pear vinaigrette (v)

add grilled chicken, brisket, or pulled pork to any salad


fried chicken/smith fries/pepper gravy/slaw/hot sauce
atlantic salmon/sweet potato hash/smoked butter sauce
10oz CAB cap steak/warm potato salad/crispy onions


brisket/collard greens
carolina style pulled pork/smith fries/slaw
1/2 rack of ribs/smith fries/slaw
1/2 chicken/bama bbq/potato salad
smoked sausage/sauerkraut/mustard

sandwiches (served with smith fries)

signature pulled pork/served with or without cole slaw   
grilled dijon chicken breast/lettuce/tomato/onion/alabama bbq on side
burton-on-weck/brisket/au jus/salt & caraway encrusted bun   
angus burger/lettuce/tomato/onion/choice of cheese   

for the kiddos: (includes smith fries and a drink)

kids burger     
grilled cheese (v) 
chicken fingers    
mac & cheese (v)                                              


smith fries (v)           
carolina style slaw (v)       
mac & cheese (v)
collard greens
potato salad
seasonal vegetable (v)