fried molasses bacon/bourbon mustard/seasonal pickles 7

CSA gnocchi/pesto/headwater’s tomme cheese (V)   7/14

smoked ribs/4 bones/maple bbq (GF)   9

fried green tomatoes/chow chow/buttermilk dressing (V)  8

shishito peppers/toasted peanuts/sweet soy/picadilli (V/GF)  5

soup of the day   4.5



Wedge: bacon/egg/croutons/blue cheese/ranch

Chopped:  onion/cheddar/tomato/cucumber/herb vinaigrette

Bibb: blue cheese/pecans/pickled onions/basil vinaigrette                                                

*add chicken to any salad



wedge/bacon/bleu cheese/egg/crouton/tomato/ranch 8

watermelon/mackenzie goat cheese/great lakes lettuce/marinated fennel/basil (V/GF)  7

farmer’s salad/local greens from our CSA farms (V)  7

bibb/great lakes grower’s bibb/bleu cheese/pecans/pickled onions/basil vinaigrette (V)  8

add smoked chicken   4


homestead springs trout:  summer vegetable hash/smoked butter (GF)   19

fried chicken:  smith fries/pepper gravy/western carolina slaw/house hot sauce 17

flour pasta company bucatini:  seasonal vegetables/pesto/mushrooms/local cheese (V)   15

ravioli:  vidalia onions/brown butter/shaved asparagus/fennel (V)   15


*each item comes with western carolina slaw and choice of additional side

st. louis style ribs (½ rack)(GF)     15

carolina-style pulled pork (1/2 lb)   (GF)  13.5

beef brisket (1/2 lb) (GF)     16

saucisson smoked sausage (2) (GF)     14

sandwiches (on brioche and served with smith fries)

signature pulled pork/served with or without cole slaw   11

grilled dijon chicken breast/lettuce/tomato/onion/alabama bbq on side 10

burton-on-weck/brisket/au jus/salt & caraway encrusted bun   12

angus burger/lettuce/tomato/onion/choice of cheese   11

                                                                                    add pulled pork or brisket   4

for the kiddos: (includes smith fries and a drink)

kids burger     6

grilled cheese (V) 5.5

chicken fingers    6

mac & cheese (V)   6                                           

sides: 3.5 each

smith fries (GF/V)                             collard greens (GF)                                                                     mac & cheese (V)                               potato salad (G/V)                                                                      pinto beans & chow chow (GF)        western carolina slaw (V/GF)                                                                                                              seasonal vegetable (GF/V)


Smith sweets: 

seasonal pie with vanilla bean ice cream  3.5

banana pudding with 'nilla wafers and whipped cream  3.5

seasonal cobbler with ice cream  4