fried molasses bacon:   bourbon mustard/seasonal pickles 7

CSA gnocchi:   pesto/headwater’s tomme cheese (V)   7/14

fried green tomatoes:  chow chow/buttermilk dressing (V)  8

shishito peppers:  toasted peanuts/sweet soy/picadilli (V/GF)  5

soup of the day   4.5

soup and salad:  any small salad/soup   9



wedge:  bacon/bleu cheese/egg/crouton/tomato/ranch 8

watermelon:  mackenzie goat cheese/hydro lettuce/marinated fennel/basil (V/GF)  7

bibb:  great lakes grower’s bibb/bleu cheese/pecans/pickled onions/basil vinaigrette (V)   8

add smoked or grilled chicken 4



 (served with smith style fries)

signature pulled pork:  served with or without cole slaw   11

green tomato blt:  house bacon/bibb lettuce/fried green tomato/white bread/mayo (V) 10

grilled dijon chicken breast:  lettuce/tomato/onion/alabama bbq on side   10

burton-on-weck:  brisket/au jus/salt & caraway encrusted bun   12

saucisson smoked sausage:  spiced sauerkraut/bourbon mustard 14

angus burger:  lettuce/tomato/onion/choice of cheese   11

black & bleu:  blackened seasoning/bleu cheese/lettuce/tomato/onion 12

            add pulled pork or brisket to any sandwich4



(V) vegetarian                                (GF) gluten friendly