soup of the day $3.99
burnt ends chili/soured cream/biscuit $4.99
soup and salad/small salad of choice with soup $8.99
small house salad: lettuce/tomatoes/onion/cheddar/buttermilk dressing $4.50
wedge/bacon/bleu cheese/egg/crouton/tomato/ranch $6.99
pickled beets/yogurt/great lakes growers arugula/smoked oil vinaigrette $6.99
great lakes growers bibb lettuce/bleu cheese/pecans/pickled onions/basil vinaigrette $6.99
add grilled chicken $3

sandwiches (add fries for $2)
signature pulled pork:  served with or without cole slaw $7.50
grilled dijon chicken breast:  lettuce/tomato/onion/alabama bbq on side $6.99
burton-on-weck:  brisket/au jus/salt & caraway encrusted bun $9.25
angus burger:  lettuce/tomato/onion/choice of cheese $8.99
black & bleu:  blackened seasoning/bleu cheese/lettuce/tomato/onion $8.99

            add pulled pork or brisket to any sandwich $3